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Ethics can be a living part of a company's philosophy, culture and operations.

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Nominations for the Awards Program may be submitted by anyone who is impressed with demonstration of a company’s ethics.

2018 Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2018 winners!  They have achieved a high level of success and ethics in their respective businesses.


The ethics 
business persons of the year combined together

We want to discover and commend businesses who have dedicated their time and energy to becoming a beacon and model for other women to emulate.


Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate small businesses who redefine success in their industry.

Our story

Celebrating Exemplary Businesses Online

We are looking for businesses across four categories who, through their achievements and contribution, have impacted immensely on the economic and social development of the U.S.

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Our philosophy

Seasoned Small Business Professionals

Success in the Awards is not dependent on affinity with any organization or person. Rather, it is about recognizing quality and impact. Anyone can be great. But not everyone has the courage to be. The Ethic Awards call you to applaud those who do.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Thank you to the folks at Business Ethic Awards for recognizing my father’s achievements and business acumen. 

Laura Spencer

Laweon Group

Without organizations like the US Business Awards, hard -working Americans have a hard time being rewarded for giving back to the planet and society.

Lucille Pramant


Incredible experience evaluating so many strong business owners and assisting inchoosing the best of the best.  Thanks for the opportunity!

Dustin Newman

Upstart Resources


Entries are judged according to criteria established to measure business’ commitment to sound ethical business practices in management philosophies and everyday operations.


Our Team

We thank our volunteer team for their time, commitment and love of the process.

Chantal Murray

Social Media

has spoken at several international conferences on entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Bucky George

Chair Person

is the Partner and Head of BEA’s Management Consulting Business and has extensive business strategy, Iadvisory experience across a number of industries

Rachel Valazquez

Non-Executive Director

holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

Famke Solamke

Faculty Member, LBS

has extensive consulting experience, spanning projects.On a voluntary basis, she mentors a number of aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Power of 100

Do you know an inspirational woman? This person can be a pioneer, a social justice fighter and leading business women. If you believe that their action and contribution will inspire the actions of women, nominate her to be featured in ‘The Power of 100′.

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