Judging Criteria

Entries submitted for consideration for the National Capital Business Ethics
Awards are judged based upon the following criteria:

  • An illustration of the companys commitment to business ethics as demonstrated by direct communication from the CEO and other senior officers.
  • An established corporate code of ethics, credo, code of conduct or a written philosophy that communicates the companys requirement for honesty, integrity and compliance with the law in all business dealings.
  • Evidence of how ethics are a living part of the companys philosophy, culture and everyday business operations.
  • A clearly articulated means by which ethical questions, problems or conflicts are brought to the attention of management and a mechanism that ensures the fair and consistent treatment of all parties involved.
  • Clear evidence that employees throughout the organization understand and agree to follow the companys ethical standards.
  • Employee and/or customer data which supports the fact that the organization is ethical in its behavior and business practices.
  • A consistently high quality of products, services, business and production practices including demonstrated awareness of environmental impact, if appropriate.
  • Demonstration of a corporate commitment to maintaining a work environment that is safe and free from harassing or discriminatory behavior in its hiring, promotion and daily business practices.
  • A corporate commitment to community that is demonstrated by involvement in local, regional or national issues. Evidence of corporate philanthropy and/or support of civic or charitable endeavors.